The Parlor of Essences

The shop consists of three spacious rooms which are connected through a harmonious and inspiring olfactory experience. In the heart of the boutique is the Parlor of Essences, an environment unique in its kind where the perfumer's laboratory with its “sensorial organ of essences” encounters the olfactory library creating a treasure chest of rare sensations where antique, wooden shelves hold more than 1500 single scents.

In the pure magnificence of the Aquaflor laboratory, the olfactory journey begins as an emotional and sensorial experience referred to as the “Perfumer’s Ritual”. Fitted with white, cotton gloves, the perfumer meticulously lays out some of the rarest raw materials in the world: Incense from Oman, the Taif Rose, Sandalwood from Mysore, Florentine Iris extract … sublime scents that seduce the memory to recall distant lands and a range of emotions.